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Master Steven F. Tarrago
Martial (Combat) & (Health) Wellness (Biography)

Master Steven F. Tarrago, was born in Coral Gables, Florida in 1964. He started his Martial arts training at the age of ten, with various systems/styles of the Asian arts and Yoga. In 1978 he became a practitioner of Ken Zen Ichi Nyo, the art of Zazen (mediation) and Matusbayashi Shorin Ryu Karate (moving meditation). He was first introduced to the Zen Philosophy by Shihan/Master Moises Colon and later Renshi/Master Kenneth Ruiz. This system of Buddhist internal holistic meditation was directly learned from two Japanese Zen Buddhist priest, Shioshin Nagamine and Zenko Hishiki. This awakened him to the path of natural healing disciplines as he gravitated towards the Chinese internal arts. In 1991, he became a practitioner of the Old Shaolin Art of Kun Tao. This art finds its roots in the traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts of Qi Gong, Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Xing Yi. As a direct disciple of Grand Master Bapak Willem De Thouars, Mr. Tarrago is recognized as a Guru/Sigun “Master” and certified in Kun Tao Silat. He is continuing his research in Dragon Gate Qi Gung, and Chinese Internal Martial Arts with Dr. Gordon Xu and Master George Xu from Shang Hi China. Steven Tarrago is a certified Sensei in Ken Zen Ichi Nyo and a Reiki master. His 35 years of experience in the Martial (combat) and (health) wellness arts has allowed him to give seminars and workshops.

Currently I have been blessed with the following recognition / certification

• Certified Master Instructor and Founder of Twin Dragons Kuntao (combat) Martial Arts system

• Licensed MMA Cage Fitness by 9x UFC World Champion Matt Hughes

• Certified State of Florida Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor:

• Certified Police Close Quarter / Battle Instructor

• Expandable Baton, RIPP restraints, and Police Nunchaku)

• Certified Police (ALCR) Applied Ceratoid Artery Neck Restraint Instructor

• Certified Guru (Master) in Indonesian Martial Arts (Pencak Silat)

• Certified Sigun (Master) in Chinese Martial Arts Kuntao (Kung Fu)

• Certified Ni Dan Black Belt in Matsubashi Shorin Ryu (Karate) and Zen

• Recognized by the Worldwide Association for Chinese Internal Martial Arts

• Former Member of the ABF (Boxing Federation) and KKAL (Karate-Kick Boxing League)

• Certified Reiki Master

• Certified Aroma Therapy Practitioner

Amy C. Tarrago

Amy C. Tarrago is the President of Twin Dragons Martial and Internal
Research Institute of Arts and Body Motion Institute. As a Professional Instructor, and coach she shares her 22 years of experience in sport science and the Martial Arts to empower the youth, adults and senior citizens.

She began her formal sport science and artistic education at the age of 6. By 10 years old she became a member of Cuba’s Pre-National synchronized team. In 1985 she was chosen to be part of Cuba’s National synchronized swimming team. She has participated and won many individuals and team national and state competitions, studied kinesiology, sports bio-mechanics, sport strengthen and conditioning along with artistic expression.

In 1991 travel to the States and was accepted as member of the USA – Blue sharkettes synchronize swimming team in where she continue to expand her learning and competition level. She was the co-owner and director of a professional swimming school specializing in infants and children.

In 1993 while preparing her self for a competitive level she began cross training by incorporating Martial Arts where she acquired a Black Belt (Instructor) in Shorin Ryu Karate and Kun-Tao (Kung fu) in 1999. In December 1998 she graduated from the University of Miami in Business Administrations with Honors as part of the Golden Key Honor Society.

She has continue up to date expanded her training and research in the martial arts by regularly attending seminars, courses and classes with many world renown grandmasters of the martial arts paying special attention to the Chinese arts.

She has also continued her research and evolution into the Oriental Natural Fitness and Wellness where she graduated 2001 and it’s recognized as a senior Instructor of Chi Gong, a Reiki Master, Aromatherapy and a State of Florida Licensed Massage Therapist including Tui Na (Chinese Therapeutic modality) at the South Institute of Oriental Medicine in 2002.

In 2003, her innate flexibility, passion for artistic self expression along with her strong foundation guided her into the research of Yoga, Modern Dance, Latin, Contemporary Jazz and Belly dance, where she continues her growth and education both at a university level and Private Master Classes. She is living her life’s dream of empowering and sharing with students in a safe and nurturing environment.


• Certified (Instructor) in Chinese Martial Arts Kuntao (Kung Fu)

• Certified (Instructor) in Indonesian Martial Arts (Pencak Silat)

• Certified Black Belt in Matsubashi Shorin Ryu (Karate) and Zen

• Certified (Zen Qigong) Da Dao Chan Gong -Instructor

• Certified Massage Therapist

• Certified Reiki Master

• Certified Aroma therapy

• Licensed MMA Cage Fitness by 9x UFC World Champion Matt Hughes