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Our School Program takes a positive and constructive approach. It teaches students how to respond to situations in a positive manner and to make positive and safe decisions. Guiding our students to be the best they could be, and that they are capable and worth while individuals is part of our school mission.

To provide specialized training for children with the goal of strengthening their Mind, Body, and Spirit. Students will experience noticeable improvement in the areas of self-confidence and self-esteem. Emphasis is placed on developing concentration, focus, self-discipline and self-defense. Children learn character development, self-respect, and respect for others.


At the same time, the program emphasizes the importance of community. It teaches children that they are not alone. Students learn when and how to get help from their peers and adults. The program provides opportunities for parental involvement and teaches parents what they can do to help keep their children stay safe.

Prevention, intervention and education is most effective when parents, teachers, and other members of the community work together to help make childhood a safe and happy place to be.

Our classes follow the basic structure of:

• Warm up and flexibility exercises of Yoga/ Tai Chi.

• Learning and practicing sets of Chinese KUNG FU and Indonesian Martial Arts.

• Exercising by practicing specific segments of self defense sets or forms.

• Application of the fighting principles and concepts on one or more bullies.

Our mission is to provide and maintain a safe learning environment in which our students can become well balanced through the positive teachings of the Martial Arts.

Parents and students alike tell us that after their training here for just a short amount of time they have already seen a huge boost and improvement in their children’s discipline, self esteem, and a spirit of constant and never ending determination!


These same students are proud and recognize that training here has helped them to develop an unconquerable spirit that is helping them achieve more in school, at work and in their personal lives! NOW Is the time for you to make the Right Decision!

A specialized method of exercise and fitness system which gives the participant the skills of agility, balance, flexibility and strength.  Acrobatics develops and improves physical coordination, mental focus and concentration which give the performer self discipline and self esteem. This dynamic class is taught in a positive and safe learning environment. It promotes creativity, self expression and as a result great self confidence. Our students are educated and prepared to participate in our fun filled high energy class which challenges them to be the best they can individually be.