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Youth Program (teams)

Each student is motivated and cultivated to become a leader not a follower. Therefore we teach our students how to develop a personal success plan. They develop self discipline in others by becoming role models at home, school and in class.  We recognize those students who lead by example and excellence in our class by inviting them to try out for one of our school’s teams these selected students have made the choice to stand out and dare to be themselves “Warriors of virtues, might for right.”  Any of these teams allow them to grow, bond and learn what fellowship and citizenship truly is. They are “The best of the best.”



Demonstration Team

TWIN DRAGONS Demonstration team members are those who show brotherhood, dedication, respect, cooperation, discipline, confidence, positive attitude and self respect. They participate in local conventions, community events- presentations, shows, competitions, career day, Birthday parties, Youth fair, at other martial arts schools and shows reunions, school annual production, private parties, graduations etc…. Twin Dragons Demonstration Team members need to be leaders and lead by example in order to impact and motivate others to do better every time.




Black Belt Club Students

They represent a higher level of our “Success through Goal Setting” philosophy.  Black Belt Club members are those individuals who have set their goals at “Black Belt”. However, the Black Belt Club is much more than a patch and belt.  The Black belt club students develop and most demonstrate the Black Belt attitude. The positive attitude, enthusiasm, commitment and the burning desire to learn. Their Creed is 1)  to develop them self in a positive manner and avoid anything that could reduce their mental growth or physical health  2) to develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in themselves and other 3) to use common sense before self defense and never to be abusive or offensive . They understand that we are a Black Belt school and that they need to be dedicated, motivated and on the quest to be the best!!!


It stands for “special winning attitude team” This team is formed by those students who have not only committed themselves to become Black belts, but that understand that the true study of the Martial arts begins at the Black Belt sash level. They are students that understand that with the black sash comes not only the privilege of a certain amount of rank, but also the recognition of another more important facet: RESPONSIBILITY. The SWAT team member recognizes and accepts the commitment of becoming a black sash, the privileged of wearing the black sash and the responsibility to the school, teachers, the students, guest and the art.  They are the school assistant instructors; they lead by example and understand that “a true leader has the confidence to stand along, the courage to make a decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He/She does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by integrity of his intent” Their creed is Trust, Dignity, Modesty, Integrity, Righteousness, Initiative and Appreciation.

Twin Dragons Martial Arts is a promoter for Kick USA.  “KICK USA is a premier organization devoted to Youth in the martial arts. KICK USA is the fastest growing and most exciting organization, featuring a complete circuit of tournaments, camps and seminars designed to provide young martial artists with a Safe, Fair and Motivating Environment in which to test their skills.

KICK USA is a non profit, community based organization that promotes the positive benefits of the martial arts to youth. Today’s youth face many challenges, some new and some pre-existing. Single Parent Families, Dual Working Parents, Violence, New & more Potent Drugs – all represent difficulties to future success.


KICK USA was founded to reinforce the positive values of Respect, Discipline and Self Confidence to youth.  KICK USA currently promotes a circuit of tournaments devoted exclusively to youth, ages 5 to 17. Young martial artists compete for points towards a possible State Championship. In 1997, KICK USA held the first Junior National Martial Arts Championships that was open to all styles of young martial artists. In the year 2000, KICK introduced the first Multi-Disciplined Martial Arts Festival Concept. Held Annually, This exciting Multi cultural event features thousands of athletes competing in over 15 diverse disciplines into one incredible event” Twin Dragons Martial Arts has been supporting this organization since 2007 allowing all of our students interesting in participating in such a respected, positive event to motivate others , show case their skills and arts, and display fellowship and camaraderie. The Twin Dragons students are the 2008 & 2009 State and National Champions. Not only have they won metals but gain in confidence, self esteem, discipline and many man, many valuable friends.